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Jims’ Pool Care Redlands Keeps Your Swimming Pool and Spa Clean and Safe

Don’t risk Your Family’s Safety – Call Jim’s Pool Care Redlands

Healthy water is clean water – and that means swimming pool and spa water that is safe for

your family to swim in always. Jim’s Pool Care Redland City knows all about keeping your family safe in the water. Jim’s Pool Care Redlands will come to your home, electronically test your water onsite and then clean up any pool nasties. Jim’s Pool Care Redlands will leave your pool perfectly balanced and you’ll be happy knowing your family can splash about safely, any time they like.

Jim’s Pool Care Redland Bay Can Perform Your Pool Safety Inspection

Safety goes beyond the pool itself to your pool fence and its boundaries. Your local pool expert at Jim’s Pool Care Redlands City is professionally trained in inspecting your fence according to Queensland regulations. Jim’s Pool Care Redlands will make sure everything is compliant:

  • Jims Pool Care RedlandsDoes your gate close automatically and securely every time?
  • Do you have a current CPR sign visible?
  • What about your boundaries? Is there a clear area of 900mm around your pool fence?
  • Your fence must be at least 1200mm high.
  • No gaps over 100mm under your fence.
  • Climbable objects – do you have any trees, tables, pots, chairs, posts, bricks or ladders etc., within 900mm outside your fence.

Your Jim’s Pool Care Redland City expert will make sure your pool is safe, we will issue you with your pool safety certificate and can also organise a CPR safety sign right then and there from Jim’s mobile pool shop.

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In Need of a Clean-Up? Jim’s Pool Care Redlands Can Take Care of Everything

Whether your pool is looking a little dull, suffering from storm debris or is under the influence of green algae, Jim’s Pool Care Redlands will fix everything in a flash. No job is too big or too small for Jim’s Pool Care Redlands – we love bringing green pools back to life or making a cloudy pool sparkle again. Jim’s Pool Care Redlands has the knowledge and the energy to keep your pool at its sparkling best all year-round.

What About Some Fun in the Pool? Jim’s Pool Care Redlands Knows All About It

When Jim’s Pool Care Redlands visits you, the mobile pool shop comes right to your door. On board you will find everything from fun pool inflatables to leisure products and neat training aids. There are some fun lighting and speaker concepts for your pool and an awesome range of cool spa accessories like floating candles, temporary water colours, glowing beads and even water-proof playing cards. Check it all out next time Jim’s Pool Care Redlands visits your home.

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It costs nothing for your Jim’s Pool Care expert to come to your home and give you a quote on anything from a one-off pool clean to regular maintenance to pool pump repairs and economical pool heating options. Give Jim’s Pool Care Redlands a call right now.

Jim’s Pool Care Redlands – the honest and reliable pool care experts who will come right to your home for everything pool related.

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