Pool Service Ipswich

Your Swimming Pool, Your Spa – it’s all taken care of with Jim’s Pool Service Ipswich

Jim’s Pool Service services swimming pools and spas all around Ipswich. So no matter where you are in the area you know you can rely on the pool professionals at Jim’s Pool Service Ipswich

Pool’s have maintenance issues and your Jim’s Pool Technician is familiar with all of them. Whether it’s green or just needs a clean, Jim’s Pool Service Ipswich will be there in a flash to take care of everything pool related. 

Water Testing? Why Leave Home When Jim’s Pool Service brings the Testing Kit to You?

No more running around with little bottles of pool water for testing. Jim’s Pool Service Ipswich will bring an electronic testing kit right to your pool and your water will be tested then and there. Once the results are in, Jim’s expert technician will balance your pool and ensure that it is safe for your family to enjoy. 

If it’s Green it’s Time to Clean

Jim’s Pool Service has the Green Pool Masters that can recover your pool without you having to empty it and waste all that water. No matter how far gone you believe your pool is, call the green-pool-magicians at Jim’s Pool Service Ipswich. We have the solutions and the techniques that will take your pool from green to clean:

  • Equipment Failure or Faults – if your pool is to be maintained to its sparkling best, then your equipment must be in good working order.  Jim’s Pool Service Lennox Head will check everything out – the pump, filter, etc. This is an essential part to make sure your pool is going to maintain a clean and healthy state. 
  • Green Pool Algae – it’s always a challenge to get rid of algae completely – but Jim’s Pool Service is up for it. We’ll bring your pool back to its correct levels of pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, chlorine, acid, copper, iron and phosphate.
  • Stagnation – this is another big factor in creating the green pool. Check with Jim’s Pool Service that you are running your pump for long enough, at least 8 – 10 hours per day depending on pool size and volume.
  • Phosphates – algae just love phosphates. Have your Jim’s technician check your pool for phosphates, remove them and starve any would-be algae of their food source.
  • Sun Overdose – it’s a common problem – a pool in full sun can be great to swim in but they warm up the algae and have them breeding like wildfire. Jim’s Pool Service has some great solutions like pool covers and rollers, to keep your pool cool and out of the sun as much as possible.

For the best pool service call Jim’s Pool Service Ipswich