Jim’s Pool Care Ipswich

Jim’s Pool Care Ipswich are here to help pool owners. Great news everyone Jim’s Pool Care is now available in Ipswich through to Redbank Plains and surrounding suburbs.

This is very exciting for swimming pool owners as Jim’s Pool Care are a complete mobile pool shop that brings the pool shop to you, the pool owner, with all the latest water testing technology and the support of the National Jim’s Pool Care network.

Jim’s Pool Care Ipswich

You are lucky enough to have Luke as your local pool service technician who provides amazing pool cleaning services with a smile and provides the full range of pool equipment including a pool pumps, salt water chlorinator, sand filters and cartridge filters, and the latest range of robotic pool cleaners.

We know that the running costs of a pool can be high but have you heard about the latest energy-saving pool pumps that can save pool owners from $300-$700 per year, depending how long you run your pool and how big your current pool pump is, and the bonus is we would be happy to come out provide you a free pool pump energy audit. When on-site we could also discuss any other pool needs you may have.

Luke is now building his regular service pool program for this coming spring and summer so ensure you don’t miss out. A regular monthly pool service starts from only $77 and we include a full electronic test and balance where we provide you all the water test results, adjust all timers and outputs on your chlorinators, clean your filters and baskets, and add any chemicals that are required and only in the amounts required (chemicals are extra).  We can also offer a Test & Balance Service Only for $49, but ask Luke for more details.

Pool turning green or you gave a green pool? Depending how green , we can fix it fast and usually without draining it. Call Luke for a free quote.So swimming pool owners why not do yourself a favour, we know your time is valuable, so engage a pool professional and get Luke out from Jim’s Pool Care Ipswich to say hello and help you with your pool today.

You can contact Luke on 131546 and he will get in touch with you To make a suitable time.

Jim’s Pool Care Ipswich

Luke from Jim’s Pool Care Ipswich servicing Pools in all surrounding Suburbs.  Call him on ph: 131546.