Don’t Let Your Pump Let Your Pool Down – Call Jim’s Pool Pump Repair Sutherland Shire

If Your Pump’s Not Performing Then Neither Is Your Pool, Jim’s Pool Pump Repair Service Sutherland Shire Has the Perfect Solution

Your pool pump is vital in keeping your swimming pool and spa water gleaming year round.Jim’s pool pump repair service Sutherland Shire knows pool pumps inside-out – we are local and ready and willing to assist with any pool problems any time.

Recognise the Warning Signs Then Call Jim’s Pool Pump Repair Service Sutherland Shire

When your pool pump is acting up there are signs that you should learn to recognise:

  • Is your pump leaking? Can you see signs such as wet sand around the base of the pump? This is a sure sign that your pump is leaking, your Jim’s pool pump repair expert Sutherland Shire will guide you as to the best way to go.
  • How’s your water quality? Is it dull or just not the bright sparkling water that you love? Maybe your pump is not drawing enough water through the system, Jim’s pool pump repair service Sutherland Shire has all the right answers.
  • Noisy pump? The minute your pool pump starts to screech, grind, hum, pop or click then it is time to call in the pool pump professional at Jim’s pool pump service Central Coast.

Jim’s Pool Pump Service Sutherland Shire Checks Everything on Your Pool Pump

To know exactly what the trouble may be with your pump a thorough inspection is vital:

  • Motor and Impeller:  The motor/impeller sucks the water from the pool and then pushes it out and back into the pool. This needs to be in proper working order to perform the task properly.
  • Seals: If your seals are not in good condition your pool pump will start leaking water, Jim’s pool pump repair service Sutherland Shire can check the seals to make sure your pump is doing everything it should.
  • Wiring: Wiring is vital to connect the pump to power. If your pump is digital the wiring is also necessary to display information about how the pump is functioning.
  • Skimmer Basket: Most pumps have the skimmer built in. If you have a basket on your pump you must make sure it is emptied regularly. Jim’s pool pump repair service Sutherland Shire can help you with the right advice on what you need to do.

Are You Running Your Pump Long Enough? Jim’s Pool Pump Repair Sutherland Shire Can Tell You

Depending on the volume of your pool, you will need to run your pump between 6 -8 hours which should allow the water in your pool to work its way through the filter system twice.

An average pool has a volume between 40,000 and 80,000 litres and you need to make sure all the components of your pool pump are working correctly to ensure the cleanliness of your pool. Call Jim’s Pool pump repair service Sutherland Shire – we’ll come to your home and inspect your pump, giving you the best advice on the workability of your pump.

For complete care and advice on your pool pump there’s no better professionals to call than Jim’s pool pump repair service Sutherland Shire.