Wollongong Pump Repair

Can’t Hear Over the Noise of Your Pool Pump? Call in Jim’s Pump Repair Service Wollongong

If Your Pool Pump is Creating a Racket it Has Problems. The Experts at Jim’s Pool Care Wollongong Have the Right Help and Advice. Call Them Now!

One of the first signs of your pool pump going south is loud grinding, humming, clicking or popping noises coming from your pump. That spells out trouble. Don’t risk the cleanliness of your pool by putting off the inevitable. Your pool pump needs attention and it needs it NOW. Jim’s pool pump repair service in Wollongong will come to your home and thoroughly inspect your pool pump, they’ll quickly find the cause of the problem and steer you on the right course of action.

Is Your Pool Pump Past It or Can Jim’s Pool Pump Repair Service Wollongong Get It Up and Running Again?

There is a lot of factors to be taken into consideration here. Firstly, Jim’s Pool Care Wollongong will need to know whether your pool pump is still under warranty – we can help you with warranty repair on all major brands. If there is no warranty then you need to think carefully about whether your pump is worth fixing. Firstly, do you know the age of your swimming pool and spa pump?

Age Makes a Difference – Ask Jim’s Pool Pump Repair Service Wollongong

At Jim’s Pool Care Wollongong we look at it this way – would you replace the engine in your 10 – 15-year-old car or would you just trade it in on a new one? The answer is always the same – get a new one. Many customers tell us they wouldn’t keep their cars for even 10 years, so how can you expect your old, tired pool pump to go on giving a great performance year after year?

All the Major Brands at Jim’s Pool Care Wollongong

If your pool pump is a candidate for repair, then there’s no better place to trust it with than Jim’s pump repair service Wollongong. But if it’s a new pool pump you’re after then Jim’s Pool Care Wollongong will bring a selection of all the major brands right to your door.  Jim’s mobile pool shop stocks everything you need to ensure the smooth running of your pool all year-round.

Extend Your Swim Season – Heat Your Pool

Your pool is there just waiting for you to dive into. Why waste half the year when you could be swimming for longer with a high quality pool heating system from Jim’s Pool Care in Wollongong? Jim’s Pool Care Wollongong can tell you all about energy saving systems and advise you on accessories like pool blankets, covers and rollers which will also add to your  energy savings whether you choose to go with solar, gas or electric – talk to Jim’s Pool Care Wollongong.

From pool pump repair to pool heating to a complete range of pool accessories – Jim’s Pool Care Wollongong has it all in one handy mobile pool service.