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Pool Cleaning and Maintenance is Local with Jim’s Pool Service Wollongong

Look No Further Than Jim’s Pool Service Wollongong for All of Your Pool Cleaning and Related Services

Jim’s Pool Care Wollongong is the local service that really cares about the swimming pools and spas in Wollongong. Whether you’re looking for a one-off pool clean or regular maintenance for your swimming pool and spa, Jim’s expert technicians will bring the mobile pool shop right to your door and service your swimming pool and spa with professional, friendly attention.

Pool Turned a Mean Shade of Green? Jim’s Pool Service Wollongong Can Fix It.

When algae and other contaminants build up in your pool, the result can be ugly. But there’s no need to stress, just by calling Jim’s Pool Care Wollongong your pool will be back to its brilliant best in no time. Forget about draining your pool, Jim’s Pool Care Wollongong will preserve your water with right equipment, a bit of hard work and a lot of expertise. You could spend weeks trying to recover the pool yourself, whereas Jim’s pool service Wollongong will have you swimming safely and happily in a matter of days – and with a minimum of fuss.

Get Your Pool in Shape for Summer with Jim’s Pool Service Wollongong

So maybe your pool isn’t green but it’s still looking messy with leaves and bugs and other debris. Perhaps you pool water is cloudy or just plain in need of attention. Jim’s Pool Care Wollongong can take care of cleaning your pool and any associated problems. These are some of the services we can offer:

  • Electronic water analysis on site
  • Supplying and balancing the chemicals in your pool
  • Removing any pool stains
  • Pool cleaning
  • Green pool recovery

Does Your Pump Need Attention – Call Jim’s Pool Service Wollongong

If your pump’s not up to the job you’re fighting a losing battle to keep your pool clean. Jim’s Pool Care Wollongong can inspect your pump, filter and cartridge etc. to make sure it is operating at it’s optimum. If not we can talk to you about repair, particularly when it is under warranty, or we can show you a new pump from our comprehensive range on board our mobile pool shop.

Pool Safety Certificates Issued to NSW Standards by Jim’s Pool Service Wollongong

It’s not just about abiding by government regulations – you want to make sure your family and the neighbourhood children are safe around your swimming pool. Jim’s Pool Care experts Wollongong know all there is to know about safety regulations and therefore ensuring everyone’s safety around your pool. We’ll inspect the fence, the boundaries, make sure your pool gate automatically closes each and every time as well as look for any overhead branches or climbable objects like ladders, tables and pots that may be stored too close to your pool fence. While we’re there, we can also issue you with a compulsory CPR certificate.

Make sure your pool is clean and safe and ready for a great swimming season with Jim’s pool service Wollongong.