Pool Service Central Coast, Erina

Ask About Jim’s Pool Service Packages, Especially Designed by Jim’s Pool Care Erina, Central Coast

Jim’s pool service Central Coast is local and always at the ready to assist you in way with your pool needs. Our comprehensive pool service includes:

  • Green pool recovery
  • One-off pool cleans
  • Regular pool maintenance and servicing
  • Equipment sales and repair, including pool pumps and filters
  • Sales and installation of pool rollers, blankets and covers
  • A great range of pool cleaners
  • Robotic pool cleaning service

No matter what you need for your pool your needs will be answered with one call to Jim’s Pool Care Central Coast.

Pool Turning a Mean Green? Call in the Pool Clean-up Experts at Jim’s Pool Service Central Coast

Jim’s Pool Care Central Coast loves to turn green pool into clean pools. There’s absolutely no need to drain your green pool no matter how swamp-like it has become. Jim’s highly skilled technicians have the solution to all things that turn pools green:

  • Pool Service Central CoastGreen Pool Algae – we’ll clean it up with the right balance of chemicals ensuring your pool is brought back to its correct levels of pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, chlorine, acid, copper, iron and phosphate.
  • Faulty Equipment – if your equipment is not working properly then it is not doing its job and your pool can suffer badly. Jim’s pool service Central Coast will check out the pump, filter, etc. to make sure they are in good working order and dispensing the right amount of chemicals.
  • Stagnation – are you running your pump for long enough. The time recommended by Jim’s Pool Care Central Coast is between 8 – 10 hours per day.
  • Too Much Sun – if your pool is really feeling the heat then algae are going to love it. Jim’s Pool Care Central Coast has a number of solutions including a pool cover and roller to keep the sun off your pool as much as possible.
  • Phosphates – algae absolutely thrive on this food source. Jim’s pool service Central Coast knows how to attack and remove phosphates easily.

Jim’s Pool Service Central Coast Can Visit Regularly or One-Off

At Jim’s Pool Care we are happy to come to your home for that much needed one-off pool clean or we can maintain your pool on a regular basis – freeing you up to do the things you love. Jim’s Pool Care Central Coast carry on board Jim’s mobile pool shops all the state-of- the-art equipment to keep your pool sparkling clean, as well as a great range of pool products:

  • Pool pumps – ask about our energy saving pumps
  • Salt water pool chlorinators
  • Pool filters and cartridges
  • Robotic pool cleaners – ask about this special service
  • Pool chemicals and pool supplies
  • A range of pool heating solutions
  • Pool rollers, covers and blankets
  • Pool toys and leisure products

Whatever you’re after you’ll find it on board Jim’s mobile pool shop Central Coast.

Life on the Central Coast is even breezier with Jim’s Pool Service Central Coast and Jim’s Mobile Pool Shop chock full of all things pool related.