Newcastle Pool Pump Repair

Pump Causing You Problems? Time to Call Jim’s Pool Pump Repair Service in Newcastle

If Your Pool Pump is Acting Up, Get the Right Service and Advice from Jim’s Pool Care.

A clean, sparkling pool is really only as good as its pump. Did you know that the average pool has between 40,000 and 80,000 liters of water to pump around every day – no easy job, so you must be sure your pump is always in tip-top condition and up to the task it is there to perform.

Whether you are using a sand filter or a cartridge filter, your pump needs to be in peak condition to draw the water through your filter and trap leaves and other debris.  Jim’s pool cleaning service in Newcastle is dedicated to ensuring your pool is always sparkling, and to this end they will maintain your pool pump in good working order.

But what do you do if your pool pump encounters problems?

“I needed advice on my pool pump quickly, algae were threatening to take over and we were about to embark on a four-week holiday.”

Jim’s Pool Care in Newcastle understands the word urgent, if you have problems with your pool pump or anything else concerning you pool for that matter, call Jim’s Pool Care in Newcastle for fast service and expert advice.

You rely on your pool pump to draw the water out from your pool so that it can then travel through your filtration system guaranteeing the quality of the water. A good pool pump makes life easy. Whether you have a salt or chlorine system, Jim’s Pool Care can give you the right advice on your pool pump.

What course of action should be taken if your pump has stopped doing its job and algae are threatening?

The right chemicals need to be circulated throughout the pool to kill bacteria and restore the water to its perfect balance. But is your pool pump up to the task?

There are a number of questions that need to be answered here:

  • How old is your pool pump?
  • Is your pump still under warranty?
  • Is the housing around the pool pump dry, rotted or cracking?
  • Are the parts still available to fix this pump?
  • How efficient has your pump been to date – is it a good pump?

Depending on your answers to these questions there may be an opportunity for Jim’s pool cleaning service to replace your pump’s motor. Above all else you must make sure that your pool pump – whether you choose to restore it or replace it – will be powerful enough to draw the entire volume of water in your pool through the filter two times a day and in a period of about 6 to 8 hours. Jim’s Pool Care in Newcastle has the experts to help you decide. Jim’s team will discuss the pros and cons of fixing your old pump with the benefits of installing a new pump. Ask Jim’s Pool Care about the benefits of an energy efficient pool pump.

Jim’s Pool Care Newcastle has a great range of pumps, filters, heating systems, automatic pool cleaners and more. Call Jim’s Pool Care Newcastle today!