Pool Maintenance Lake Macquarie & Newcastle

Keeping Your Pool and Spa Clean Is a Cinch with Jim’s Pool Maintenance Service Lake Macquarie & Newcastle

Save Yourself the Hassle of Pool Cleaning with Regular Pool Maintenance Service

You want your pool always ready to splash about in and at Jim’s pool maintenance service Lake Macquarie & Newcastle that’s exactly what we guarantee with our regular pool and spa maintenance service. So why see your pool turn to green or your pool equipment run down and performing poorly? Jim’s pool maintenance service Newcastle can easily handle the upkeep of your pool on a regular basis.

Is Your Pool Pump the Right Size? Check It Out with Jim’s Pool Maintenance Service Lake Macquarie & Newcastle

Having the right size pump for your pool is a critical. It ensures that your water is always gleaming clean. The bigger your pump the greater the water flow rate. So you want a pump to match the size and volume of your pool. Having cleaning issues? Then you may not have a large enough pump, or conversely, if your pump is too big then you may be wasting precious dollars on your energy bill – and you’ll be surprised how that can add up.

Your pool pump needs to be the right size with the right flow rate for your swimming pool and spa. Your pump needs to have the right sand filter size, cartridge filter size as well as the right size suction pipe. If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, call Jim’s pool maintenance service Newcastle to check everything and make the right recommendations. We carry everything you need on board Jim’s mobile pool shop Newcastle.

How Timely is Your Pool Timer? Jim’s Pool Maintenance Service Lake Macquarie & Newcastle Can Help

Most pool owners need to operate the pool pump for 8 – 10 hours a day. This is to circulate your pool’s water volume. Operating your pump for too long each day places unnecessary wear and tear on your pump. Your Jims’ pool maintenance technician can advise you on the right amount of time for your pool. Did you know that it depends on the time of year? So Jim’s pool maintenance service Newcastle can set your pool timer to take maximum advantage of off-peak energy rates. This can save you a bundle on your energy bills.

Make Sure Your Pool is Balanced Correctly

Water balancing may not be rocket science but making sure it is done on the regular basis necessary to keep your pool gleaming can often be a chore you overlook or simply do not have time for. It makes sense to call in Jim’s pool maintenance service Lake Macquarie & Newcastle on a regular basis for ongoing pool maintenance. We will electronically test your water onsite, balance your pool water and leave you with a full written report as well as a very clean pool. Swim happily knowing that your pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness etc. are all at the correct levels for your pool.

Call in the Lake Macquarie & Newcastle experts to take care of your pool, Jim’s Pool Maintenance Service Newcastle are the friendly locals ready to help. Were you looking for our nearby specialists in Gosford or Erina?