Enjoying Your Swimming Pool and Spa Is Easy with Jim’s Pool Care Newcastle

Let Jim’s Pool Care Newcastle Take Care of All Your Swimming Pool and Spa Needs

It’s great to enjoy your swimming pool and spa through Newcastle’s long, hot summers – but

caring for it can be real chore. It doesn’t have to be when you call Jim’s Pool Care Newcastle. Jim’s Pool Care Newcastle will come to your home with everything on board our mobile pool shop ready to help you with your every swimming pool and spa need.

Having a Green Attack? Quick! Call Jim’s Pool Care Newcastle Right Away

Jim Pool Care Newcastle

If your pool is rapidly turning green then you need to call Jim’s Pool Care Newcastle fast. Jim’s

Pool Care Newcastle really are the experts when it comes to cleaning up green pools and bringing them back to pristine clean. There are a number of reasons why your pool turns green:

  • Equipment not working properly: If your equipment’s on the blink then so will your pool be. Jim’s Pool Care Newcastle will check everything out for you, make any repairs or advise you on new equipment.
  • Stagnant water: This could also be due to faulty equipment or maybe you are just not running your system for long enough, most pools require 8 – 10 hours per day. Check with your Jim’s Pool Care Newcastle expert.
  • Too much sun: Algae just love the warmth, so if your pool is getting too much sun those little algae monsters could be taking over in a hurry. Call your Jim’s Pool Care expert for advise on exactly what you can do to keep pool algae at bay.
  • Phosphates: The other thing that algae love is to snack on phosphates. Jim’s Pool Care Newcastle can eradicate phosphates and keep your swimming pool and spa water perfectly balanced.

One-Off Pool Clean or Regular Maintenance? Your Choice with Jim’s Pool Care Newcastle

You may be opening your pool for the hot season or perhaps you have just gone through a

typical Newcastle storm and your pool is badly in need of a clean-up. The answer can be right at your door within hours when your call Jim’s Pool Care Newcastle. At Jim’s Pool Care Newcastle, we are experts in one-off pool cleans and of course we are more than happy to help you with regular maintenance. Ring your expert at Jim’s Pool Care Newcastle for a free quote.

Stay Safe in the Pool with Jim’s Pool Care Newcastle

Your safety is vital to Jim’s Pool Care Newcastle. We can come to your home and inspect your pool according to Queensland pool safety regulations and issue you with your pool safety certificate. We also have on board our mobile pool shop a number of child safety aids as well as your mandatory CPR sign. Jim’s Pool Care Newcastle looks after everything.

There’s just one place to call for everything pool related on the Newcastle and that’s Jim’s Pool Care Newcastle. Call us NOW.