Jim’s Pool Cleaning Nelson Bay Will Guarantee Your Pool Will Always Be Clean

Experts at Keeping Your Pool Sparkling

At Jim’s pool cleaning Nelson Bay we know all there is to know about pool cleaning.Whether it’s green pool recovery or regular swimming pool and spa maintenance, we’ll take care of everything. It is what we do, day in and day out.

The Sand in Your Filter May Need Changing

How long is it since you changed the sand in your filter? To get the maximum performance from your system you must make sure your sand is changed at least every five years. Have your Jim’s pool cleaning expert check your sand, it could need changing and could be the reason that your pool water is looking dull or cloudy. Jim’s pool cleaning service Nelson Bay can fix this quickly and have your pool back to sparkling in no time.

Pool Cloudy or Dull? We Can Have it Back to Sparkling in No Time!

If your water is cloudy or dull all the time, there are a number of factors that could be affecting it:

  • Water not balanced correctly
  • Filtration system problems
  • Sand needs replacing
  • Broken or worn out parts.

But no matter what problems your swimming pool and spa are presenting, Jim’s pool cleaning service Nelson Bay can find the cause quickly and fix it for you on the spot. You have the benefit of Jim’s mobile pool shop that comes to your home with all that is needed to get the job done.

Are You Running Your Pump Long Enough? Check with Us

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how long you should be running your pump and advice can vary, therefore proving unreliable. But Jim’s pool cleaning service Nelson Bay will come to your home and check out the size and shape of your swimming pool and spa, based on this knowledge your Jim’s expert can tell you exactly how long you should be running your pump. The rule of thumb is that the average pool runs the pool pump for 8 hours – enough time to move the water through the chlorinator at least twice, but make sure that you are running your pool pump for the right amount of time by checking with Jim’s Pool Care Sunshine Coast.

Make sure they’re Swimming Safely

You want to make sure your family and friends are safe in the water always – and that means making sure your water is pristine and free from bacteria and algae. A dose of chlorine does not last forever. We can advise you on how often to dose your pool and exactly what chemicals you should be using. Better still, have Jim’s pool cleaning service Nelson Bay regularly maintain your pool so that you need not worry at all.

Jim’s pool cleaning service Nelson Bay for quality pool cleaning services and everything you need to keep your pool glistening.