Jim’s Pool Service Medowie. Your Local Pool and Spa Expert.

One-Off Pool Cleans? No Drama!

Preparing for the swimming season or just need to get your pool back in shape? All your problems are solved when you call Jim’s pool service Medowie. Jim’s mobile pool shop will bring absolutely everything needed to clean your pool – right to your home. Starting with a full electronic analysis of your swimming pool and spa water, Jim’s talented pool technicians in Medowie will get our pool cleaned up in no time.

Look at everything Jim’s Pool Service Medowie can do for your pool

Jim’s pool service Medowie offer more than just a pool clean-up. We have a comprehensive range of services to make sure your pool is always looking its best:

  • Testing your pool water on site and supplying you with a detailed report
  • Chemical balancing with supplies straight from Jim’s mobile pool shop
  • Throrough pool cleaning
  • From green to clean pool restoration
  • Removal of stains from pool
  • Repair service and installation on filters, heaters, chlorinators and pumps etc.

When your pool has problems Jim’s Pool Care Medowie is you one-stop mobile pool shop to fix all.

Trust Your Pool Servicing to the Experts in Medowie

Swimming pool and spa owners in Medowie need look no further than Jim’s Pool Care Medowie for all of their pool servicing needs. Jim’s pool servicng experts do everything right at your home, from testing the water in your swimming pool and spa to inviting you to browse around the huge range of pool related products – all on board Jim’s mobile pool shop Medowie.

Know You’re Swimming Safely with Jim’s Safety Inspection Medowie

All pool owners must ensure their swimming pools and spa are safe, particularly when it comes to children. Like all states, NSW has its own government regulations and Jim’s Pool Care Medowie abides strictly by these when inspecting your pool for safety. This includes:

  • A self-closing gate that closes every time
  • No climbable trees or any other objects that can be climbed on within 900mm of your pool fence.
  • A 1200mm high pool fence
  • A 900mm clear boundary right around your pool fence
  • No gaps under your pool fence that are large than 100mm

While we are at your Medowie home inspecting your pool for safety, we can also issue you with a CPR safety certificate, just ask you friendly Jim’s expert.

Jim’s Pool Service Can Show You How to Take Care of Your Pool

Jim’s Pool Care has served Australians for over 20 years and we know how to look after pools. One of the things Jim’s pool service Medowie love to do is to teach you the best care and maintenance program for you swimming pool and spa. Call up Jim’s professional pool careers and discover the most efficient and effective ways to keep your pool clean all year round in Medowie. From chemical balancing to cleaning your pump and filter, you’ll be amazed how much easier your pool maintenance can be when you know how to do it right.

There’s no better way to look after pools and spas in Medowie than with Jim’s pool service Medowie. Call us now.