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Keep Your Pool Clean the Easy Way with Jim’s Pool Cleaning Service Liverpool

Keeping Your Pool Clean is as Easy as One Phone Call to Jim’s Pool Cleaning Liverpool Sydney

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Keeping your swimming pool and spa clean on a regular basis is not a simple task when you consider all that it involves. But the good news is that it can be really simple when you call Jim’s pool cleaning service Liverpool. Jim’s pool cleaning service Liverpool has the experts who will visit your home and take care of all the necessary tasks to keep your pool sparkling:

  • Electronically test your pool water on-site
  • Balance the water
  • Pool stain removal
  • Clean up any leaves and debris
  • Parts repair and installation.

Why stress out trying to do all of this yourself when Jim’s pool cleaning service Liverpool is at the ready take care of the lot.

If It’s Green Jim’s Pool Cleaning Service Will Get It Clean

It’s easy to turn a blind-eye to your pool particularly in the cooler months or perhaps you have been away for a while. Jim’s pool cleaning service Liverpool loves to bring green pools back to clean pools. All the time and effort it would take you to do it – often without the right result – can all be spared by one simple phone call to Jim’s pool cleaning service Liverpool. Green can be present for a number of reasons and Jim’s pool cleaning service Liverpool knows all of them:

  • Your pool equipment like your pump and salt water chlorinator not working to the max.
  • Stagnation – can often mean your pump is faulty or you are just not running it for long enough.
  • Heat – when the sun is glaring your pool could be frying – and algae just love warm water.
  • Phosphates – these tiny microbes are just like candy to algae, Jim’s pool cleaning Liverpool will test and clear the water of phosphates.

Balance Your Pool with the Correct Chlorinator from Jim’s Pool Cleaning Liverpool

A chlorinator is not just a chlorinator – Jim’s pool cleaning service Liverpool can talk to you about the right chlorinator for your pool:

  • Self-cleaning or mono-polarity chlorinators that are designed to minimise the amount of calcium build-up on the electrodes and therefore slows down that build up.
  • Chlorinators that automatically dose your pool to keep the water balanced.

Jim’s pool cleaning service Liverpool also stocks a full range of replacement chlorinator cells and your Jim’s pool cleaning expert Liverpool can replace your chlorinator cell immediately from Jim’s mobile pool shop.

Questions About Your Pool or Unsure if You Need Help? Book a Free On-site Quote with Jim’s Pool Cleaning Service Liverpool

Sometimes it’s hard to know just what your swimming pool and spa need, or what sort of condition they are really in. It’s not a drama with Jim’s pool cleaning Liverpool. Your Jim’s pool cleaning expert will come to your home and give you some very sound advice along with a quote to bring your pool up to speed and keep it that way.

Jim’s pool cleaning service Liverpool is the one you can rely on for everything to do with your swimming pool and spa. Call Jim’s pool cleaning Liverpool now!