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Jim’s Pool Service Liverpool Offers Local Expert Pool Service in a Fast and Friendly Manner

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Are you having problems with your swimming pool and spa – or do you just need a little regular maintenance? Has your pool gone green or is it a duller shade of cloudy? Do you need help with your pump or is your filter causing you grief? No Matter what issues or needs you have for your swimming pool and spa – Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool is always ready, set, go – to help with all of your pool requirements.

Green Pool Recovery – A Minor Miracle with Jim’s Pool Service Liverpool

You may be convinced your pool is beyond help and there is no other solution but to drain it. Well, think again. Jim’s pool service Liverpool has the expert knowledge to bring that pool back to gleaming clean in no time at all. Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool will electronically test the water on site – give you a detailed report – then set to work on your pool. With the right treatment, the right balance of chemicals, a little hard work and a lot of know-how – Jim’s pool service Liverpool will have your pool back to brilliant in a matter of days rather than weeks. You really will think it’s a minor miracle!

One-Off Pool Cleans – A Specialty with Jim’s Pool Service Liverpool

Leaves, bugs, debris… giving you a headache? Maybe you’re about to open your pool for the swimming season and sadly you just haven’t had the time to maintain it through winter? It’s simply not a problem with Jim’s pool service Liverpool. We’ll be there fast to fix it all. Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool will get rid of the debris thoroughly cleaning your pool with our robotic pool cleaners. We’ll test the water and balance the chemicals – then we can give you a rundown on how to best maintain your pool through the warmer season; or if you prefer we can talk to you about a regular maintenance program with Jim’s pool service Liverpool.

How Safe is Your Swimming Pool? Jim’s Pool Service Liverpool Can Inspect It for You

Safety is definitely number one on the list at Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool. We want to make sure your pool is safe for your family, your friends and neighbourhood children. We will inspect your pool according to NSW government regulations and look for things like:

  • A pool gate that closes safely and automatically every time.
  • A pool fence at least 1200mm high.
  • A clear boundary of 900mm around your pool fence, and that means no overhanging

trees or other climbable objects like pots, tables, chairs or ladders left lying around that area.

  • No gaps greater than 100mm below the fence.
  • A current, clear and readable CPR sign in full view.

Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool can leave you with your safety certificate and can also supply a current CPR sign.

From pool safety to green pool recovery to one-off pool cleans and regular maintenance – Jim’s Pool Care Liverpool Can Take Care of the Lot. Simply Call Now.