Pool Pump Repair Sydney

When your pool pump splutters, dies or just needs a bit of attention, Jim’s pool pump repair service offers quick, easy and effective solutions.

The quality of your pool water largely depends on the efficiency of your pool pump. But how can you tell whether your pump is performing the job you need it to do?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Honestly, what sort of condition is your pump in:
    • Cracked, dry or rotting housing
    • Unusual noises – screeching, grinding, humming, popping or clicking
  • How old is your pump:
    • Are the parts obsolete?
    • Is it a dinosaur cast in bronze or iron?

Time to face up to reality, the time may have come to talk to Jim’s Pool Care about replacing that ineffective pump with a new model that is going to keep your pool sparkling and more than likely save you a packet on your energy bills.

Has Your Warranty Expired?

On the other hand, perhaps your pool pump is still under warranty, time to check with Jim’s pool pump repair service to have your pump brought back to tip-top working order.

Jim’s Pool Care Sydney stocks a great range of everything you need to keep your pool pump in good working order, and of course Jim’s friendly experts will come to your home and check exactly what issues you are experiencing with the pump, they can then advise on the right course of action.

Should I just buy a new pool pump?

These are the questions a lot of pool owners are faced with and, quite frankly, we cannot answer that question until we have had a look at your current pool pump and how it is performing – or not.  There are a number of options and the staff at Jim’s Pool Care Sydney are experienced and highly professional.

Remember, whatever you’re looking for, for your pool, Jim’s Pool Care is the place to visit

Caring for your pool may sometimes seem a little daunting, but by visiting Jim’s Pool Care Sydney, you’ll discover a great range of pool care products such as pool blankets and rollers, automatic pool cleaners, pool heating equipment, filters, chemicals and just about anything else you need to ensure your pool is swimmable all year round.

Are you sure you’re safe?

Jim’s Pool Care Sydney can provide you with Licensed Pool and Safety Inspectors who will come to your home and give you a full written report on the status and safety of you pool and any requirements you may need to fill. It’s just another service offered by the dedicated experts at Jim’s Pool Care Sydney.

From pool pumps to all types of equipment and products to onsite pool maintenance, Jim’s Pool Care Sydney has you well and truly covered when it comes to caring for your pool.