Pool Cleaners Sydney

Is your pool giving you the blues? Get Jim’s Pool Care to clean up the green and put some sparkle in your life.

BODY COPY: Whether your pool needs drastic action or just a little tender loving pool care, Jim’s Pool Care Sydney is fully equipped with everything it takes to keep your pool sparkling year round, including pool experts who will come to your home and service your pool on a casual or regular basis.

Jim’s pool cleaners will check everything:

  • How’s your water balance and running times?
  • Is it time to change your filter?
  • What are the best options for the size of your pool?
  • Have you thought about other filter media such as glass or volcanic rock?

Jim’s Pool Cleaning Sydney has pool maintenance down to a fine art. Have a look at what some of Jim’s Pool Care Sydney’s customers are saying about our excellent pool cleaning service:

“I’d let my pool go over winter and really thought we’d have to drain it. 60,000 litres – well that’s a lot of water and I really wasn’t looking forward to the job at all, so I called Jim’s Pool Care in Sydney. They had someone there the same day and within two days the pool was back to clean and on the third day we were swimming in it happily.” Colin – Cronulla

“Jim’s people did the job; I couldn’t be happier. I now have them servicing our pool on a regular basis so it won’t fall back into that un-swimmable state it was in.” Mariana – Glebe

“I’ve had other people in to service and clean my pool, but I’ve never really been happy with their work until I contacted Jim’s pool care in Sydney. They came out straight away and serviced the pump then changed the balance of chemicals. The pool’s never looked better and I’ve never been happier. Now my neighbours use Jim’s Pool Care as well.” Sharon – Wahroonga


Sometimes, even though your pool may look ready to dive into, it may be host to a variety of pollutants. A lot of these you can’t see; you could have an excess of chlorine or the dreaded algae may be lurking in the depths. Regular water testing is the only way to know that your pool is healthy, but the other things is, you want to make sure that the tests that are carried out on your water are thorough.

Jim’s pool cleaning service guarantees to safely test your pool water and treat it with the right balance of chemicals. Avoid skin rashes, eye problems and a variety of health issues that can arise from risky pool water and make you’re your pool is safe for your family to swim in by simply calling in Jim’s Pool Care Sydney.

Call in the trouble-shooters at Jim’s Pool Care Sydney for the best advice and professional servicing and maintenance of your pool.