Pool Service Sydney

Pool Maintenance, Green Pool Recovery or Pool Safety Inspections – Jim’s Pool Services Sydney Take Care of the Lot

Jim’s Pool Care Sydney offers a range of comprehensive services to ensure that your pool is always ready to dive into no matter what the season. If your pool has fallen into a sorry state, just one call to Jim’s Pool Care Sydney will have it back up to par in no time. While your expert Jim’s pool care technician is at your home, why not ask about heating your pool or keeping it cleaner with robot pool cleaners and convenient pool covers.


Why Leave Home – Jim’s Pool Care Sydney Will Bring the Water Testing Kit to You

Jim’s Pool Care Sydney will electronically test your water right at your home, give you a detailed report and then treat your pool with the required balance of chemicals to get it looking sparkling and safe for all to swim in.

From Green to Gleaming – Jim’s Pool Care Sydney Can Save Your Water

There’s no need to drain a green pool no matter how bad it looks. Jim’s pool recovery service can take the worst green pool and bring them back to their pristine best simply with a bit of hard work, a lot of knowledge and the right mix of chemicals. Don’t worry, you can rest assured that your pool will be looking gleaming and be perfectly safe to swim in when Jim’s Pool Care Sydney comes to the rescue.

One-Off Pool Cleans a Specialty at Jim’s Pool Care Sydney

Perhaps you’ve let your pool go a little over winter or maybe you took a break away from home – well Jim’s Pool Care Sydney makes your life easy by bringing your swimming pool and spa back up to the standard you love. Remember we are always here for regular maintenance as well and can have you happily swimming all summer long without you having to fuss and worry about your pool’s maintenance. Let Jim’s Pool Care Sydney do it all for you.

Jim’s Pool Care Sydney Helps Make Sure Your Pool is Safe

You want to keep your family safe when they are swimming. Furthermore, government regulation demands it. Do you have:

  • A safe-closing gate?
  • A current CPR sign visible?
  • A clear and non-climbable area of 900mm outside your pool fence?
  • A pool fence at least 1200mm high?
  • No gaps greater than 100mm below your pool fence?

Jim’s Pool Care Sydney has qualified pool safety inspectors who can inspect your pool according to the State Regulations and issue you with a pool safety certificate. We can also help you with your mandatory CPR signs. It’s all part of the service at Jim’s Pool Care Sydney – we love to see you swimming safely and happily.

Jim’s Pool Care Sydney offers a complete range of pool services from green pool recovery to regular pool maintenance to one-off pool cleans. Contact Jim’s Pool Care Sydney now!