Pool Maintenance Sydney

Keep Your Pool Sparkling Year Round with Jim’s Handy Pool Maintenance Sydney

Swimming pools and spas need to be regularly maintained if they are to remain clean and safe for your family to swim in – and keeping your pool and spa clean requires regular checks and maintenance. Save yourself the time and effort by getting Jim’s pool maintenance service to do it all for you.

Jim’s Pool Maintenance Service Sydney Will Give You an 85-Point Pool Inspection Report

Only Jim’s Pool Care conducts the comprehensive 85-point pool inspection report no matter what type of pool you have – fibreglass, concrete, painted, vinyl, Pebblecrete, tile or other. Just look at how thorough Jim’s pool inspection report is:

  • Pool/spa pump
  • Solar pump
  • Filter
  • Salt water chlorinator
  • Automatic chlorine/acid doser
  • Lights
  • Automatic pool cleaners
  • Skimmer
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Other equipment

What’s more, every element of these categories is checked and reported on thoroughly, so that you can be assured that your pool is in top working order, making maintenance on your pool that much easier.

How’s Your Pool Pump? Have Jim’s Pool Maintenance Service Check it for You

Your pool pump is a crucial part of keeping your swimming pool clean. You want the right flow rate, sand filter size, cartridge filter size and suction pipe size to ensure the system is working correctly. Besides that, it is a good thing to ensure that your pool pump is running on the right horsepower and is not too far away from your pool so that it does not have to work overtime causing premature wear.

Have Your Pool Water Balance Checked Regularly with Jim’s Pool Maintenance Service Sydney

Although there is a lot of guidance and information to be had on how to test your pool water, there’s nothing like the peace of mind an expert from Jim’s pool maintenance service Sydney can bring you by regularly testing your water on site and balancing it right then and there, on the spot. It can be difficult to always find the time to do these pool maintenance tasks yourself so make a regular date with Jim’s pool maintenance service Sydney to come to your home and electronically test your water on site, then balancing it with correct combination of chemicals.

Nobody Does It Better Than Jim’s Pool Maintenance Service Sydney

Jim’s pool maintenance service Sydney is here anytime of the day, anywhere in Sydney to look after every aspect of your swimming pool and spa maintenance – that’s because we are the experts when it comes to pool maintenance. No matter what’s up with your swimming pool and spa we’ll take care of it quickly and efficiently. Call Jim’s pool maintenance service for:

  • Green pool recovery
  • General pool service
  • Regular pool maintenance
  • Insurance and weather issues
  • Holiday maintenance
  • Safety and fencing inspections

Taking care of your pool needn’t be a chore for you to endure. Call Jim’s swimming pool and spa maintenance service Sydney and it’s all done for you.