Solar Pool Heating

Extend your swimming season using the Sun

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Solar Pool Heating has many benefits

  • You will heat you pool directly from the suns natural energy
  • You will have control over your pools temperature via a digital controller
  • You should be able to extend your swimming season between 12-16 weeks (longer for children)
  • Suitable for both domestic pool and commercial pool applications
  • Longer operating life with up to 15 years warranty
  • More kW of energy than any other heating form

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We supply and arrange your Pool Heating Installation, you RELAX

Jim’s Pool Care are able to not just supply your solar pool heating system, but we can professionally manage the installation and maintain it for you as well. Read more about our services here.


If you’re not sure which solar pool heating system you need for your pool, or have questions, then please book a FREE Onsite quote now. We will send out one of our fully trained Jim’s Pool Care Technicians to have a chat or utilise our preferred supplier network to ensure you get the best service and advice. They will inspect your existing system and offer you suggestions with regards to the size of the system, various warranties and price points. WARNING: Do not go for a smaller, cheaper priced or inferior quality system unless you know you are comparing apples with apples, we can help.

Sunbather Solar Pool Heating

Standard range from $3990-$5990
but call to discuss

Sunbather Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating can double your swimming season, and in some states you can swim all year. Solar costs as little as $90 per year to run making it the only affordable option as energy costs rise.

Solar pool heating has almost a zero carbon footprint too, warming your pool, not the planet. Solar pool heating will double your summer, which means more time in your pool with family and friends, allowing you to swim in comfort in Spring and Autumn.

In northern states, it can mean year round swimming and can even be run in reverse in the hottest months to cool the pool over night. Sunbather Solar Pool Heating are leaders in their field and can offer an onsite audit by contacting one of our Jim’s Pool Care team on ph: 131546.

*This ensures we supply and install the correct robotic pool cleaner for your pool