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Solar Swimming Pool Heating

Jim’s Pool Care can provide you with advice on heating your pool.  Depending your requirements you can get additional swimming time anywhere from a few extra months up to all year round.

Our pool maintenance technicians have access to the industry leaders in Pool Heating and can provide a FREE onsite quote to discuss your options.

Solar pool heating, pool heat pumps and gas pool heating quotes can be provided on site in a timely manner.

Sunbather Solar Pool Heating

Jim’s Pool Care are able to not just supply your solar pool heating system, but we can professionally manage the installation and maintain it for you as well.

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Does Pool Heating cost lots of money?

That is a great question and one that depends on several factors:

                1. What type of pool heating you choose
                2. What your requirements are to heat the pool
                  • Heat on demand
                  • Heat all year round
                  • Heat from the sun
                3. Your access to Gas and/or Electricity
                4. What your budget is
                5. What price you put on investing in your pool to get maximum value from it
                  • Eg.  Average domestic pool that costs $35,000 and gets 12 weeks swim time per year could double their swim time with a $4000 pool heating investment…

So why not find out the facts and call Jim’s Pool Care today for a FREE poolside quote on your swimming pool heating requirements.

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Different Pool Heating Types

If you own a swimming pool, having pool heating can be a huge benefit, especially in colder areas or during the winter. To keep the water at a pleasant temperature for swimming, pool heating systems help in maintaining a constant temperature.

Pool heating systems come in a variety of options, with plenty to choose from on the market today. The most popular types include heat pumps, solar heaters, electric heaters, and gas heaters. The best system for your pool will depend on a number of variables, including your location, your budget, and the size of your pool. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages.


Gas Heating

One of the most widely used solutions for pool heating is the use of gas heaters. They are incredibly efficient and effective since they heat the water using natural gas or propane. Gas heaters are the best option for folks who wish to rapidly and easily heat their pool because they can get the water to the required temperature in just a few of hours.


Electric Heaters

Another popular choice for pool heating is electric heaters. They are perfect for those who need to utilise their pool immediately because they are highly effective and can heat the water quickly. When compared to other pool heating systems, electric heaters are comparatively affordable and simple to operate and maintain.


Solar Heating

Because of their energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, solar heaters are becoming more and more popular. They heat the water using the sun’s energy, which results in long-term savings. Those who live in warmer areas or who have a great deal of outdoor space around their pool should use solar heaters.


Heat Pumps

Another choice for pool heating is heat pumps. They are incredibly efficient and effective because they use electricity to move heat from the air or ground to the water. Due to its ability to keep a constant temperature even throughout the winter, heat pumps are the best option for customers who want to heat their pool continuously throughout the year.



In conclusion, pool heating is a great component of pool ownership. Pool heating systems come in a variety of forms, each with certain advantages and disadvantages. The best one for your pool will rely on a number of variables, including your location, your spending limit, and the size of your pool. Whatever heating method you decide on, a well heated pool will give you several hours of fun and pleasure.


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