Swimming Pool Lighting Ideas & Consultation

Swimming Pool Lighting Ideas & Consultation

Pool lighting has come a long way in recent years. With many pools now being a key feature of your back yard, why not ensure that your pool lights work and that you can control the lights whenever you want. If your light switch is in a hard to get spot, then get us to provide you a quote on a remote control unit which can turn your pool and garden lights on inside the comfort of your home.

We Install and Troubleshoot Pool Lights

Did you know that Jim’s Pool Care can help you install or repair LED pool lights in addition to taking care of all of your pool cleaning needs? With the newest LED pool light technology and features not found in other pool lights on the market. AstralPool has now released new SLX pool lights. So have Spa Electrics Pool Lights with amazing multicolours and great warrantees. Jim’s Pool Care have access to a huge range of pool light replacement options.

Therefore, now is the best time to add LED pool lights if you haven’t already and get your pool looking amazing at night time.

SLX Pool Lights

These brand-new SLX pool lights are the ideal way to improve your pool at night. Additionally, they may be combined to produce any desired appearance thanks to the availability of 7 common colours. Additionally, there are 3 Colour Transition Modes (Smooth, Fade, and Disco) that cycle through all the colours to really elevate and advance your pool parties. And if you don’t want something that’s excessively dazzling or bright, the new SLX Pool Lights also offer brightness settings, allowing you to select the ideal output level for any evening, in addition to the appropriate hue and mode.

Due to the compact design of the SLX Pool Lights, you will notice that there is very little incursion into the pool after these are placed. Additionally, the one-piece moulding will shield against any leaks or damage from water.

Don’t forget that a Jim’s Pool Care Expert can not only install your pool’s brand-new Astral Pool SLX or Spa Electric pool lights, but also troubleshoot any lighting issues you might be experiencing with your existing LEDs.

At Jim’s Pool Care we can provide you with a range of retrofit halogen lights along with the latest in LED Lighting. LED Pool lights allow you to choose multiple colours at the flick of a switch and we would now recomend over the older style.

How many Pool Lights do I Need?

The answer to this question is simple, as many or as little as you would like! 1 or 2 can be enough to create a nice lighting effect in the water, however with 3 or 4 you can have some lights in one area one colour, and the other lights a different colour, making a beautiful vibrant effect (such as the images above). The choice is really up to your tastes and desires.

In Conclusion

For those who wish to improve the safety (increased visibility) and the entire ambience of their backyard, replacing or upgrading pool lighting is a smart investment. To create the ideal effect, it’s crucial to take into account the type, location, and colour of the desired pool lighting effect. The best way to choose the best lighting for your unique needs and tastes, is with the assistance of a skilled pool professional, and Jim’s Pool Care certainly has you covered!

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