Swimming Pool Construction & Builders

Swimming Pool Construction & Builders

Pool Builders – Let Jim’s Pool Care Work with You

Jim’s Pool Care is currently working with Pool Builders all around Australia.  They use our services as we provide an extra arm to their business that can be called on as required.  We can do the same for you so why not give us a call and make time for an appointment.

How we help your company make customers happy

Our primary focus has been on helping pool builders at the end of the project in ensuring a smooth startup, balancing and hand over to the customer.

As a pool builder we know you would understand the importance of happy customers and how powerful referrals can be be.  Our team of technicians help you in this area by ensuring the last stage of your job is a pleasant one for them.  As part of our package we can provide chemicals, startup equipment, install pool cleaners  troubleshoot any minor problems.  This means you can be focusing your energy on your next project while we work hard to ensure you customer is happy and confident with their new pool purchase.

Our major role is often the hand over itself.  Jim’s Pool Care technicians are more than happy to take that extra time to clearly explain the pool, the equipment and ongoing maintenance needs.  If you have special requirements for your pools we can incorporate this into the hand over process for you.

We leave them our details…

Lastly we can leave our details for your customer so in those first initial weeks when there is lots of questions about their new swimming pool. We become the first point of contact reducing the need for the customer to call you numerous times with all those questions and minor issues about pool maintenance.

Great Price

Our pool startup packages are very competitive and each technician can sit down with you to tailor a specific hand over package that meets your companies needs.