Green Pool Recovery

We Fix Green Pools Fast

STOP. You may not need to drain your green pool

There is a wide range of what we call Green Pools. They range from slightly cloudy pool, light green pool, very green pool (can’t see bottom) and extreme green pool (swamp?) with lots of debris and stubborn algae.

Green pool clean pool

How to Fix a Green Pool

Great question and we think it is often best to your local pool professional. We would love to help and we can also assess why it went green. Was it equipment or just chemical inbalance?

The best thing you can do is get us onsite to asses your Green Pool problem. We offer free onsite quotes and can work out a solution in most cases where we can chemically treat your pool, rather than drain it.  It may take several visits, but it will usually be cheaper than draining.

Green Pool Drain and Acid Wash

In extreme cases, draining your pool might be the best solution and we can offer an acid wash as part of the process that will freshen up the pool surface.

NOTE: You have to be careful if you want to drain and clean your pool, and not all pools can be drained, especially fibreglass pools, so discuss options with your local pool technician or builder.

Why did your pool go green?

This is part our onsite assessment. It can be due to a range of reasons. These include:

  • Pool equipment problem
  • Salt Chlorinator not producing Chlorine
  • Low Salt levels
  • Pool not running long enough
  • Huge bather load or debris
  • or a combination of issues

Green pool with algae

Green Pool Problem?

We can help and recover your pool in a surprising short time frame if assessed correctly, so do not drain it. For a prompt Green Pool Cleaning service, assessment and green pool recovery call Jim’s Pool Care today. Let us do the hard work and make it sparkle!