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Jim’s Pool Care Master Franchisors are the driving force of the Jim’s Group

Becoming a Jim’s Pool Care Regional Franchisor provides an exciting opportunity for those who want a bigger opportunity and looking for a master franchise business for sale.

If you know that you have something special and would be able to grow and support a team then this is for you. This is the ideal home based business for sale where you can build your own mobile pool shop territory and a team of franchisees within your local community.

You would be responsible for recruiting new franchisees, supporting them through the training program, helping them to find work and providing practical business advice.

The income of a Jim’s Master franchise is driven on three fronts.

  1. You can allocate and operate your own mobile territory (included as part of Franchisor package) while learning about the business,  building the customer base and cashflow
  2. Secondly you will also receive income from new franchise sales and resales
  3. Thirdly you will receive ongoing monthly fees from franchisee’s.

The most successful franchisors are ones who can learn the practical industry knowledge, have sound business management and interpersonal skills, and would enjoy the challenge of helping their franchisee’s ultimately meet their goals.

Jim’s Franchisors must enjoy a mentoring and networking role, making themselves available to their franchisee’s and working with local industry experts and suppliers. You would not be doing this alone as you would have the full support of your Divisional Franchisor and the Jim’s Group.  This coupled with a range of training and development programs will help give you confidence in growing your new business.

As a Jim’s Regional Franchisor, the success of your franchisees is both your goal and the measuring stick of your success.

What to do next:

  • Contact 131 546, advise you are interested in becoming a regional franchisor and ask to be put through to Brett Blair, the Divisional Franchisor for Jim’s Pool Care (Australia) or Click in here to submit your enquiry and Brett will contact you;
  • Brett will call you for an initial chat and from that point, he may invite you to meet with him to discuss the opportunity face to face;
  • If you meet our selection criteria, you will be given a contract and disclosure document for your consideration and to seek legal, accounting and business advice;
  • You will be invited to attend Jim’s Franchisee and Franchisor Training in Melbourne;
  • Upon successful completion of this training, you will be invited to sign your contract and Join the Jim’s Pool Care team.

Being a Jim’s Regional or Master Franchise is a very rewarding experience, both financially and professionally. Opportunities are limited, so call now to lodge your interest.

Our Jim’s Master Franchise Business Opportunities

Are you already in the pool industry? Own a Pool Shop or Pool Run?

In some cases you may already be in the pool industry and be wondering what the benefits are to join a successful franchise group is? Why would I pay monthly fees when I know what I am doing? These would be good questions and we would love to answer them, but the best answer we could provide you would be to give you the names of several Jim’s Pool care Franchise owners who were independent and joined our team. Hear their story first hand. We have even had Franchisees who have exited another pool business and purchased ours.

We will add value and we would love to have a chat with anyone in the pool industry thinking about stepping up and leveraging a string national brand like Jim’s Pool Care.

You can contact us anytime for a confidential chat over a coffee in your local area. Is it worth making the phone call? We think so. Ph:131546

Jim’s Pool Care franchisor

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