Perth Pump Repair

Perth Pump Repair

Pool Pump Giving You Grief? Call Jim’s Pump Repair Perth

When Your Pool Pump is Acting Up Get the Experts Out to Your Home – Jim’s Pool Pump Repair.

Repairing your pool pump is definitely something the experts at Jim’s Pool Care Perth can help you with. Jim’s pool pump repair technicians will come to your home, assess the status of your pool pump and give you the right advice on repairing or replacing your pool pump.

A major factor you need to consider is the age of your pump.

What does age have to do with the condition and performance of my pool pump?

A lot of people ask us this question and at Jim’s Pool Care Perth our answer is always the same:

Would you replace the engine in a 12 – 15-year-old car or would you trade it in on a new one?

Funnily enough, their answer is always the same… trade it in. Although most people say that they wouldn’t have a 12 – 15-year-old car in the first place.

Exactly our point about your pool pump.

Why throw good money after an old pool pump when a brand new model would not only do a better job keeping your pool clean, it is also going to save you a small fortune on your energy bills?

Is Your Swimming Pool and Spa Pump Still Under Warranty?

On the other hand, if your pool pump is not old and still under warranty, Jim’s pool pump repair service can help you with all manufacturer’s warranties. We stock a large range of spare parts and can repair your pool pump to good working order quickly and efficiently.

Your pool pump may be a good candidate for a replacement motor.

What sort of shape are the pool pump’s internal parts in? Is the housing in good condition or is it cracked or rotting? You can save quite a bit of money by replacing the motor alone, but we need to be sure that the number of replacement parts needed does not exceed or nearly match the cost of a new pool pump. Keep in mind too, that a new pool pump is also going to give you a warranty which will cover you for any mishaps down the track.

What is the best pool pump for my swimming pool and spa?

There are a number of things to take into account. Are you considering gas, solar or electric – talk to the experts at Jim’s Pool Care Perth for the right advice on all the top brands. You need to look at the volume and design of your pool as well as the length of time you wish to extend your swimming season. Jim’s Pool Care has helped thousands of pool and spa owners enjoy longer swimming months and many opt to swim all-year-round. It’s all possible with the correct swimming pool heating advice from Jim’s Pool Care Perth.