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Your Local Experts in the West Are Jim’s Pool Care Perth

At Jim’s Pool Care Perth It’s All About Peace of Mind for Perth Swimming Pool and Spa Owners

Jim’s Pool Care Perth totally understands the Perth climate and all that is needed to keep swimming pools and spas in Perth beautifully maintained and crystal clear. Not only can we call on a regular basis to clean and balance your pool, we can also look after all swimming pool and spa equipment with regular servicing and any necessary repairs.

How Is Your Pool Pump? Jim’s Pool Care Perth Can Help

Astral, Hurlcon, Davey or Viron – Jim’s Pool Care Perth stocks all of the major brand pumps and can advise you exactly which one is best for your pool. You may want your old pump repaired – talk to Jim’s Pool Care Perth first about your best options. If your pool pump is under warranty, then we can take care of everything for you; but if your pool pump is over ten years old then you might want to consider replacing it with a new energy saving pump which will save you a small fortune on your energy bills in the long run.

This is what Jim’s Pool Care Perth is all about – giving you the best advice, saving you money and making sure the decisions you make related to your swimming pool and spa are going to serve you best.

We here at Jims Pool Care Perth use the best water testing equipment.

Thinking About Heating Your Pool? Talk to Jim’s Pool Care Perth, First

Heating your pool is a great way to extend your swimming season and even enjoy your pool

year round. But there’s a lot to thing about when deciding on heating and Jim’s Pool Care Perth can take you through your options and advise you on the best way to heat your pool. Consider things like:

  • The size and shape of your pool
  • Your swimming pool’s volume
  • Are you thinking solar, electric or gas?
  • Would you like to heat on demand or year round?
  • Have you considered your budget?

Jim’s Pool Care Perth will take you through all of these considerations and help you decide on the very best option for your pool, so look no further than Jim’s Pool Care Perth for the best advice on heating your pool.

Keep Your Pool Clean and Balanced with Jim’s Pool Care Perth

A well-balanced pool is a happy and healthy pool and to keep your pool looking its best there

are three vital steps to balancing your pool water:

  • Step 1 – pure balance
  • Step 2 – pure protection
  • Step 3 – pure perfection.

This is the Zodiac method of achieving pure perfection and Jim’s Pool Care Perth stocks the full range of Zodiac products and once we have electronically tested your water we can use the right mix of chemicals to treat your water, protect it and of course achieve that pure perfection all Perth pool owners are looking for for their swimming pool and spa.

Make it easy on yourself – call Jim’s Pool Care Perth every time.

For fast, efficient and reliable swimming pool and spa service call Jim’s Pool Care Perth and we’ll be there in no time. Call Jim’s NOW!