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Starting to Question the Efficiency of Your Pool Pump? Here are some common questions about pool pumps that Jim’s pool pump repair service answered quickly, cost effectively with no hassles.

My pool pump seems to still be working and driving my sand filter and chlorinator, but what’s that funny noise it is making?

My pump is hot to touch and it keeps tripping the safety switch. What should I do?

Our pool pump is only four years old but the filter is only half full and water pressure appears to be minimal – any idea what’s going on?

My pool pump gave it up for lent and hasn’t worked since. Bloke next door said I should get a new pump -what do you reckon?

Both the pool pump and the filter are not working.  It’s making a really scary noise when it is first turned on – and then nothing. What would it cost for Jims Pool Care to come to my home and have a look?

No matter what questions you have about your pool pump – call Jim’s pool pump repair Adelaide.

Jim’s Pool Care Adelaide stocks a wide range of top brand pumps and parts as well as expert advice on whether your pool pump is right for repair or whether it should be replaced. Let Jim’s pool pump repair service come to your home and inspect your pump, our experts will test your pool pump’s current status and present you with a range of options, but they will also have some questions for you like:

  • What is the age of the pump?
  • Is your warranty still valid?
  • What problems have you been having with the pump?
  • Has it been working effectively up until now?

So what type of pump should I be looking at for my swimming pool and spa?

The right way to decide whether your current pump is fixable and up to the task, or whether you need to invest in a new pump is to calculate what your swimming pool and spa need. What is the volume of the pool and are you looking at gas, solar or electric?

Investing in a new pump can save you heaps on energy bills.

You need to think seriously about repairing your old pool pump as it may be false economy. New, modern and highly efficient pool pumps will cut down on your energy bills and cost you way less in the long run. Think about it – a quick fix now could mean higher energy bills and a new pump somewhere down the road anyway, when your old pool pump finally pumps out its last gasp.

Save even more on your energy bills with sensible accessories from Jim’s Pool Care Adelaide.

Jim’s Pool Care Adelaide has pool covers, blankets and rollers that not only help to keep your pool cleaner – they will contribute to your energy savings by retaining the heat and keeping your pool warmer. Extend your swimming season with clever pool heating ideas from Jim’s Pool Care Adelaide.

Have all of your questions answered and your swimming pool and spa pump needs taken care of at Jim’s Pool Care Adelaide.