Adelaide Pool Cleaning

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Why is Jim’s Pool Care Adelaide’s Favourite Pool Cleaning Service? Because at Jim’s Pool Care Adelaide We Have an In-Depth Knowledge About Caring For Your Pool

Whether you have an above or in-ground pool, a big pool or a not-so-big pool, a spa or no spa – Jim’s pool cleaning service in Adelaide has the experts, the equipment, the products and the service to make sure your pool is more than just clean, it is sparkling.

At Jim’s Pool Care Adelaide we love to take care of your pool on a regular basis, but if you only want your pool attended to on a casual basis that’s fine with us too. Just look at some of the services we offer:

  • Get rid of the green and get your pool clean
  • Pool heating options – solar, gas or electric heat pump
  • All installation of pool equipment
  • Pool leaks and vinyl liner repairs

New Pool Owners or Just Moved House?

Jim’s Pool Care Adelaide has the specialists to train you exactly how to care for your new pool, or if you have just moved and are now the proud owners of a house with a pool, Jim’s Pool Care Adelaide can run you through how to care for that pool as well.

There’s more to heating your pool than a pool heating system alone.

First things first however, you need to decide on the best heating system for you pool. You have the choice of gas, solar or electric – but the decision goes deeper than that.

  • What exactly do you want to gain from heating your swimming pool and spa?
  • What are your state regulations?
  • What is the volume of your pool?
  • What are your energy saving options?

Then of course, once you have decided on the energy source, you need to choose the type of heating system. Jim’s Pool Care Adelaide is fully equipped to guide you in this decision. We stock a comprehensive range of solar, gas and electric heating systems so you know you will be buying the best from Jim’s Pool Care Adelaide.

Once your heating system is in place don’t forget to save energy with a pool cover, blanket or pool roller from Jim’s Pool Care Adelaide.

Sprung a leak? Call Jim’s Pool Care Adelaide

Besides cleaning your pool, Jim’s pool cleaning service in Adelaide will also take care of any other problems which may arise with your pool. We can fix pool leaks and repair vinyl liners. Whatever issues you may be having with your swimming pool call in the trouble-shooters at Jim’s Pool Care Adelaide.

Your every pool need is taken care of at Jim’s Pool Care Adelaide.

When it comes to pools there’s nothing we can’t help you with at Jim’s Pool Care in Adelaide.

Besides our range of services above, we can also help you with:

  • Pool pump repairs, parts and new pumps
  • Pool safety inspection and safety certificates
  • Spa cleaning and balancing
  • Spa repairs and equipment

If it needs cleaning, fixing, maintaining, pool chemicals or any pool products – call Jim’s Pool Care Adelaide for fast, efficient friendly service and advice right in your home.