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Pool Pump Repair Cairns

Does your pool pump need attention or is it leaking and making strange noises? Then just reach to our Jim’s Pool care in Cairns for an onsite inspection and quotation. There are many reasons a pool pump fails, but age is the main reason. Over time pumping chlorinated and salt water can cause wear and tear on your pool pump. If the pool pump is in good order sometimes we can assess and get it repaired.  This can include capacitors, pump mechanical seals and bearings.

If your pool pump is old, it may not be worth while repairing it or after assessment it may be more viable to replace it.  There are a wide range of pool pumps on the market with a range of prices and warranties.

Jim’s Pool Care Cairns has access to the latest technology Energy Saving Pool Pumps that are extremely quiet and energy efficient. It is estimated that customers can save between $300-$700 on electricity costs depending on how long you run your pump and the speed setting.

One of our Jim’s Pool Technicians would be happy to do an assessment on these for you.

  • Landlords – Note we have a range of ecumenical pool pumps for landlords who want to work to a budget for their investment property pool.
  • Again it is best to discuss the right sized pump and warranty, as lowest price is not always the best.

Give Jim’s Pool Care Cairns a call anytime on ph: 131546 or Book Online.

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