Pool Service Cairns

Green Pools Become Clean Pools with Jims Pool Service Cairns No Matter How Big the Problem with Your Pool – Jim’s Pool Service Cairns Can Fix It

If the heat’s got you beat and your pool just keeps turning green, then it’s time to make the experts at Jims Pool Care Cairns – regulars at your place. We understand what the tropical Cairns climate can do to your pool and we have everything on board our mobile pool shop to identify the problem and fix it fast, but algae are not always related to the sun’s heat alone, some of the other causes could be:

  • Equipment failure or not working properly like your pump malfunctioning and the filters not performing as they should
  • Stagnation – perhaps you are just not running your pump for long enough, 8-10 hours per day is generally the recommended time period
  • Phosphates – these little microbes are an excellent source of food for algae.

Your green pool can become a clean pool again in just a matter of days with Jim’s Pool Care technicians. We guarantee our services and can treat the worst green pool with hard work and the right chemicals.

Your Water Electronically Tested On Site with Jim’s Pool Care Cairns

We will analyse your water right there and then – no need to traipse off with jars of water for testing – we do everything onsite. Once we test your water we will give you a complete report and supply and apply the correct balance of chemicals to keep your pool in pristine condition.

Regular Maintenance or One-Off Pool Cleans – Call in Jim’s Pool Care Perth

You may have let your pool go a little – been away or just way too busy to perform the maintenance yourself. Jim’s Pool Care is right here in Cairns and ready to take care of your pool needs. We can visit for a one-off pool clean that will bring your swimming pool and spa back to sparkling, or we can help you with regular pool maintenance to ensure that your swimming pool and spa are always gleaming and ready for your friends and family to swim in safely all year round.

Make Sure It’s Safe by Calling in Jim’s Pool Safety Inspection Experts

Your number one priority as a pool owner is to ensure the safety of all those who live in or visit your home, as well as any neighbourhood children who might wander in unexpectedly. Jim’s Pool Safety Inspectors are available throughout Cairns and will inspect your pool fence, it’s boundaries, your pool gate and all other pool safety elements according to Queensland government regulations, and then issue you with a pool safety certificate on the spot. Jim’s Pool Care Cairns can also supply you with compulsory CPR certificates, right then and there from the Jim’s mobile pool shop.

Make Sure Your Pool is Clean and Regularly Serviced with Jim’s Pool Care Cairns – the One Stop Mobile Pool Shop for All Your Pool Care Needs.