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How Easy Is It When Jim’s Pool Shop Cairns Comes Right to Your Door?

Get Everything You Need for Your Swimming Pool and Spa without Leaving Home

Jim’s Mobile Pool Shop Cairns is the fully stocked pool shop on wheels that visits you with a range of everything you need for your pool from pumps to chemicals to fun-in- the pool toys and  leisure goods. You’ll be amazed at everything Jim’s mobile pool shop Cairns carries on board.

Keep the Kids Swimming Safely – Jim’s Pool Shop Cairns Has All the Gear

On board Jim’s mobile pool shop Cairns you’ll find a great range of Swim Sportz safety aids, fitness and training aids. Here are just some of them:

  • Back Floatz Perfect for kiddies 2 – 6 years. Strap this to their little backs and watch them splash around safely all day, what’s more, their swimming confidence sky rockets with these safety aids from Jim’s mobile pool shop Cairns.
  • Float Suits In pink and blue for boys and girls, they have a moulded foam back, chest and neck. The kids love these as it keeps them afloat, head above water whilst allowing their arms and legs to move freely.
  • Pull Buoy These safe swimming aids from Jim’s pool shop Cairns are in a figure 8 shape moulded from soft EVA foam. Watch their swim stroke improve.
  • Aquaboard Non-slip surface with bubble-grip handles. Great for kicking or general training or just plain having fun.
  • Swim Trainer Your backyard pool suddenly takes on the qualities of an Olympic size pool as this static swim training belt with extension rope and stretch cord allows you to really work with all of your strokes in a small pool area.

Jim’s Mobile Pool Shop Cairns Can Turn Your Swimming Pool and Spa into an Underwater Light Show

Your pool can become a beautiful light show by night with a great range of underwater lights that automatically shut off after one hour. Look for the light show and fountain on board Jim’s mobile pool shop Cairns, as well as the speaker light which has a transmitter to plug straight into your iPod or other device. There are floating candles, party pool colours and even a solar light-up duck. It is really is fun to browse when Jim’s pool shop comes to your home.

Pumps, Filters, Cartridges – Jim’s Pool Shop Cairns Carries It All

Jim’s Mobile Pool Shop Cairns will always make sure you have everything you need for your pool, from having fun to taking very good care of the cleaning and maintenance of your pool. Therefore, we stock a full range of pool related equipment:

  • Pool pumps and energy saving pumps
  • Salt water pool chlorinators
  • Pool chemicals and pool supplies
  • A range of heating options – gas, electric or solar
  • Robotic, suction and automatic pool cleaners
  • Water testing kits

Of course your Jim’s Pool Care Cairns’ friendly technician can also help you with any pool maintenance such as caring for your sand filter and testing your water. In need of a safety certificate? Look no further than Jim’s Pool Care Cairns.

It’s all aboard Jim’s mobile pool shop Cairns – from swimming safely to having fun in the pool to general swimming pool and spa maintenance. Call Jim’s pool shop Cairns now!