Jim’s Pool Care Cairns

When the Going Gets Hot in Cairns, Jim’s Pool Care is Here to Keep You Cool with our Mobile Pool Shops

Battling Against the Sun and Other Harsh Elements Can Be Tough for Cairns Pool Owners –Call Jim’s Pool Care Cairns for a Clean Pool Always.

When you live in the tropics you want to trust in the locals who understand the area, the harsh conditions and other threats to your swimming pool and spa. Jim’s Pool Care Cairns is run by locals and nobody knows the tough Cairns conditions better than the experts at Jim’s.

What Problems is the Cairns Climate Causing Your Swimming Pool and Spa?

In a climate like Cairns you really need to know what to look for:

  • Know how to identify the first signs of algae
  • Do you have cracked pump housing or other pump problems like noise?
  • Is your filter not working efficiently?
  • What about excess leaves in your swimming pool and spa?
  • Is your pool water too warm?

These and other issues can be easily and quickly addressed by Jim’s Pool Care Cairns. Have you thought about covering your pool to keep it cleaner and cooler? What about having your pumped assessed to see if it can be reconditioned or is it best to just get a new one? Jim’s Pool Care Cairns has the answers and as are your local Cairns experts, when it comes to looking after your tropical pool, nobody does it better than Jim’s Pool Care Cairns.

Don’t Go Out in the Tropical Weather, Jim’s Pool Care Experts Will Come to You.

Jim’s Pool Care Cairns is a mobile pool shop on wheels and when we visit we will not only electronically test and treat your water onsite, we will also bring a great range of all sorts of things you need for your Cairns swimming pool and spa from pool pumps to robotic and automatic cleaners to fun inflatables and leisure products.

Jim’s Pool Care Understands the Tropical Climate You Are Living in in Cairns – because at Jim’s Pool Care Cairns, We are Locals Just Like You