Pool Cleaning Townsville

Pool Cleaning Townsville

Has Your Long Cool Dip Turned into Loathsome Slime? Time to Call Jim’s Pool Cleaning Townsville.

If Your Swimming Pool is Showing Signs of Slime, Jim’s Pool Care Townsville Can Fix It Fast.

Living in the tropics you want to make the most of your pool all year-round, and the best way to enjoy your pool is when it’s glistening clean and a pleasure to plunge into. But being a pool owner in Townsville means keeping on top of the grunge day-to-day, month-to-month and year-to-year. Jim’s pool cleaning service Townsville offers professional, reliable and trustworthy pool cleaning services on a regular or casual basis.

Is Your Pool Changing Colour, Looking Cloudy of Dull?

Time to check you pool filtration system. Jim’s Pool Care Townsville will come to your home and determine what the causes are. It could be that your sand needs replacing or some of the parts are worn out or broken.

Jim’s pool cleaning service Townsville will thoroughly check everything for you, including the water balance and running times for your pool pump. Perhaps the times is right now to change your filter media or filter cartridge.

Have You Thought About the Best Filter Options for Your Pool?

Your swimming pool and spa might not be looking its best and it could all be down to the type of pool filter you are currently using. Jim’s Pool Care Townsville will talk to you about the best types of filters for your pool size, design and environment and demonstrate the benefits of some alternative filter media such as glass or volcanic rock.

What Length of Time Should I Run My Pump for?

Of course this depends on the size of your pool, however Jim’s Pool Care Townsville recommends eight hours a day for an average size (50,000 litre) pool. In effect this will pump the entire volume of water through the filter at least twice, keep in mind though these eight hours do not include swimming time.

If you are using a salt chlorinator this will give it enough time to produce the amount of chlorine needed to keep your pool sparkling.

Tropical down-pours ruining your pool?

Jim’s Pool Care Townsville will conduct an onsite electronic water analysis and pool service, and then get to work to ensure your pool is ready to dive into again. No matter what it takes to get your pool perfect, Jim’s pool cleaning service Townsville has the knack, the know-how and the will to keep you swimming happily all year long.

If It’s Pool Related Then Jim’s Pool Care Townsville are the Ones to Talk To

Jim’s Pool Care Townsville is like a travelling pool shop with absolutely everything you need for your pool coming right to your door. There are pool blankets and rollers, pool heating equipment, pool pumps, sand and filter changes, automatic pool cleaners and of course Jim’s Pool Care Townsville is full licensed to inspect your pool and issue you with a pool safety certificate.