Pool Service Townsville

You want Your Pool Clean. You want Jim’s Pool Service Townsville. The Tropical Climate Can Play Havoc with Your Pool, Jim’s Pool service Townsville Has All the Answers

Living in a tropical climate, the weather can range from severe cyclones to relentless heat. Nobody knows better than the experts at Jim’s Pool service Townsville about how to service your swimming pool and spa and keep your pool looking sparkling on a regular basis. Whether your pool has gone green from too much sun or whether it is playing host to all sorts of debris after a tropical storm, Jim’s pool servicing professionals will get there fast and work hard to bring your swimming pool and spa back to their brilliant best.

Regular Maintenance with Jim’s Pool Care Townsville Means a Clean and Safe Pool Always

Servicing your pool on a regular basis may not be your thing, you may be too busy or away from home a lot, enter Jim’s pool service Townsville. All of Jim’s fully trained professionals have the skills and the equipment required to make sure your pool is safe and inviting for your family and your friends no matter when they may pop in. Just look at some of the things we offer:

  • Onsite water analysis with a detailed report
  • Supply of all pool chemicals and the correct balance added to your pool and spa
  • Servicing of all equipment including pumps, chlorinators and filters etc.
  • All our work is covered with a 100% guarantee.

Ask Jim’s Pool Care About a Pool Cover to Help Keep Your Pool Clean

Jim’s Pool Care is a mobile pool shop on wheels, and when we visit your home we will have on board a great of pool related products including pool rollers, blankets and covers. Talk to your Jim’s pool care expert about the right cover for your pool – this will keep out the bugs, leaves and debris as well as protect your pool from the sun, cutting back the risk of algae.

How good is Your Pool Cleaner?

One of the major ways to keep your pool looking its best is to ensure that you have the right pool cleaner performing its daily function in caring for your pool. Jim’s pool servicing professionals can show you a great range of automatic, robotic and suction pool cleaners and will advise you on the best cleaner for your pool. You can purchase your pool cleaner right then and there from Jim’s mobile pool shop, Townsville.

Excessive Rain Can Cause Pool Problems – Call Jim’s Friendly Pool Service Experts

When it rains it usually pours in Townsville and this can alter the pH levels of your pool water. Rain is acidic and has a lower pH level than your pool content. You want the pH in your pool between 7.4 and 7.6. Jim’s pool care experts can quickly test the water for you onsite and bring it up to the right balance within no time.