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Jim’s Pool Shop Townsville Stocks the Lot When It Comes to Your Swimming Pool and Spa

What’s more – it all comes right to your door. Why leave home to get the things you need for your swimming pool and spa when Jim’s mobile pool shop brings it right to your door?

You’ll be Amazed at the Great Range Carried by Jim’s Mobile Pool Shop Townsville

Mobile Pool Shop Townsville

Jim’s pool shop Townsville is always stocked with a great range of pool equipment and pool products from pumps to heating options to chemicals to inflatables and outdoor gear. When Jim’s Pool Care Townsville comes to your home to clean and maintain your pool, always remember to have a browse around Jim’s mobile pool shop – you’ll be delighted with the great array of products and supplies.

Swimming Safely is Top of Our Agenda at Jim’s Pool Shop Townsville

At Jim’s Pool Care Townsville we want to ensure that everyone is swimming safely. That’s why we can inspect your pool according to Queensland government standards. We can issue you with a safety certificate as well as a CPR certificate – straight from Jim’s mobile pool shop Townsville. We also stock some great swim-safe aids for the littlies:

  • Figure 8 shaped Pull Buoy to help develop their stroke technique
  • Back Floatz to keep the 2 – 6 year olds afloat
  • Float Suits to keep their head above water and their arms and legs moving freely
  • Aquaboards with unique grip handles – perfect for all ages
  • A great range of swimming goggles, caps, ear bands and Aqua Visors.

Aussie Gold Pool Solutions Are All Aboard Jim’s Mobile Pool Shop Townsville

From leaf scoops to water testing kits – have a look at the great range of Aussie Gold products you’ll find conveniently carried by Jim’s pool shop Townsville:

  • A range of cleaning equipment
  • Replacement cartridges for popular brands
  • General pool products from repair kits to floating dispensers
  • Liquid drum accessories
  • New-owner handover kits
  • All types of hoses
  • A range of PVC pipes and fittings including valves and couplings
  • Pool pump baskets and various lids
  • Skimmer baskets of all varieties
  • A comprehensive stock of spare parts
  • Water testing kits including strips, tablets and AquaSpa.

Your Spa Will Sparkle When You Shop at Jim’s Mobile Pool Shop Townsville

Aboard Jim’s pool shop Townsville you’ll find everything you need to keep your spa inviting:

  • Supa-Vac Spa Maintenance Kit
  • Spa Waterwand – the world’s first hand-help cartridge filter cleaner
  • Spa Brush – perfect for all hot tubs and spas
  • Spa Skim – easy to operate with one hand
  • Spa Scoop – easily remove surface debris
  • Spa Pole – the 3-piece telescopic pole.

While you’re shopping at Jim’s pool shop Townsville, why not add a little romance to your spa with the Floating Spa Bar, Spa Booster Seats, Spa Pillows and of course the beautiful Spa Aromas and Spa Pearls.