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We are the best mobile pool care fleet in Townsville. We’ve got all your pool service needs covered. Jim’s Pool Care Townsville has a reliable team of owner operated mobile pool shops covering Townsville suburbs and surrounding areas.
Jim’s Pool Care Townsville is an Australian owned pool supplies and services shop and our main focus is helping customers get the most out of their pool property by providing professional and timely pool servicing and maintenance through our fleet of mobile pool shops.
Jim’s Pool Care Townsville has an extremely motivated group of business owners who provide a personalised mobile pool shop services & supplies.
Jim’s Pool Care service pools all over Australia and have over 20 years of experience providing quality services to residents in Townsville and surroundings.
Give Jim’s Pool Care Townsville a call on 131 546 for all your pool related queries and we will be happy to give you a FREE quote today.
Jim’s Pool Care Townsville has a 2 hour response time during work hours – Give us a call today.
For after hours you can book our services online and we will get back to you soon.

Jim’s Pool Care Townsville provides fast responses for all your pool care needs including:

  • Pool services and one off pool cleaning
  • Equipment sales and supplies
  • Regular pool maintenance
  • Pool covers and heaters

At Jim’s Pool Care Townsville we are ready to provide you yearly, bi-yearly, quarterly, monthly, fortnightly or one off pool care services. We operate in Townsville and surrounding areas.
We can maintain your pool, check and service equipment and provide you with a clear and clean pool to enjoy and relax.
Jim’s Pool Care Townsville specialises in pool care, pool cleaning, pool servicing and pool maintenance. No matter where you are in Australia, trust Jim’s Pool Care for your maintenance needs.

Our Pool Maintenance services include:

  • Chemical Measures: Every time a professional from Jim’s Pool Care Townsville visit your home, we test the water and provide you with a comprehensive diagnostic report. We also supply all the chemicals (and advice) you need to make your pool sparkle.
  • Equipment Acquisition: Need a pool toy, a new heat pump or another piece of pool equipment? We have it on hand. Pool Care Townsville provide a wide range of pool equipment from surface blankets to solar heating systems.
  • Emergency Tasks: When you see a sudden change in your pool’s colour or function, call our experts. In addition to our comprehensive annual pool care programs, we offer one-off consultations, cleaning and repairs.
  • Routine Upkeep: We offer home and business owner’s long-term pool and spa servicing plans, which include routine cleanings, diagnostics and other upkeep.
  • Training and Inspections: We want to extend the life and value of your pool to ensure you get the most out of your investment. To do this, we provide owner training, pool handovers and pre-settlement pool inspections.

Whether you know exactly what services your pool needs or you want an expert to identify the problem, our technicians at Jim’s Pool Care Townsville can help. Our fleet of professionals at Jim’s Pool Care Townsville can help you with all backyard design, installation and upkeep, including pool maintenance.

Our Promise

Jim’s Pool Care Townsville consists of many qualified, dedicated pool maintenance and installation professionals throughout Australia. Our focus on training, certification and customer care makes it easy for you to find quality services wherever you live.