Jim’s Pool Service Coomera Keeps Your Pool Sparkling Year Round

From Pool Cleaning to Pool Supplies, Call Jim’s Pool Service Coomera for Everything Pool Related

Jim’s Pool Care Coomera know it all when it comes to swimming pools and spas. What’s more, Jim’s mobile pool shop is packed with everything you could possibly need for your  pool from pool chemicals to pool pumps to robotic cleaners to pool toys and pool related leisure products. A visit from Jim’s Pool Care Coomera and you’ve got all of your pool issues taken care of quickly and easily.

Ask Jim’s Pool Service Coomera About Our Great Pool Service Package

At Jim’s Pool Care Coomera we can design a pool service package that will suit your needs. Our package can consist of regular pool service and maintenance as well as pool chemicals and supplies. With Jim’s Pool Care Coomera all of your pool needs are answered. Here’s just some of what we can do:

Pool Service Coomera

  • Pool cleaning and servicing
  • Green pool recovery
  • Pool pump repair and sales
  • Robotic pool cleaning service
  • A range of pool cleaners
  • Pool heating solutions
  • Equipment sales and repairs
  • Pool rollers, covers and blankets
  • Pool equipment inspection report
  • Pool safety inspection and certificates
  • A great selection of pool related products

Jim’s pool service Coomera is all about you – the customer, that’s why we go to great lengths to make sure you are happy and your pool is always safe and brilliantly clean.

Jim’s Pool Service Coomera Has the Right Cleaner for Your Pool

Is your pool in ground or above ground? What shape and size is it? Is it constructed from:

  • Concrete
  • Fibreglass
  • Gunite shotcrete
  • Vinyl?

Is it a lap pool or a plunge pool? All of these things make a difference when the experts at Jim’s Pool Care Coomera recommend a pool cleaner from our wide range of options. Our pool cleaners range from robotic to suction to automatic and we believe in talking to you about the best pool cleaner for your needs, making your life easy.

Green Pool Recovery is a Specialty at Jim’s Pool Service Coomera

There’s nothing worse than looking at a murky green pool, but Jim’s pool service Coomera can delete the green no matter how bad it seems. There’s no longer any need to drain your swimming pool and spa with Jim’s mean green recovery method. Trying to do it yourself could take weeks with no guarantee of success, whereas Jim’s Pool Care Coomera will have you swimming safely again within a matter of days. All it takes is the right knowledge, a little hard work and the right treatment. Jim’s Pool Care Coomera has all of that and more.

Rely on Jim’s Pool Service Coomera for Safe Swimming

Part of our job at Jim’s Pool Care Coomera is making sure you are swimming safely, therefore we can inspect your pool and it’s fencing according to Queensland government standards and issue you with a pool safety certificate. We also have on board standard CPR signs – just part of the service at Jim’s Pool Care Coomera.

Pool safety, pool care and pool maintenance are all made easy when you contact Jim’s pool service Coomera. Call us now.