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Is Your Pump Grinding to a Halt? Call in Jim’s Pool Pump Repair Gold Coast

Before You Make Any Decisions About Your Ailing Pool Pump, Know What Your Best Options Are with Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coast

Your pool pump is critical in the overall cleanliness and swim-ability of your pool. Jim’s pool pump repair service Gold Coast will guide you down the right road to pool pump success by inspecting your pump and guiding you through the options available.

What Do You Expect from Your Pool Pump?

Your swimming pool and spa pump works by drawing the water in through your filter. Your filter media then starts its job by trapping any debris like leaves, bugs and small particles. Ideally your pool pump should circulate the entire volume of water in your pool through your filter system twice per day and over a 6 – 8-hour period (which does not include swimming time). Jim’s pool pump repair service on the Gold Coast will check just how efficiently your pool pump is drawing and circulating water.

How Much is Enough?

For your pool pump to work efficiently you need to monitor the amount of water in your pool. It should be half way up the pool skimmer basket to draw the debris in – any higher and the debris may just pass on by – and if it doesn’t get into the skimmer basket it stays floating around in the pool and so your entire pool pumping system cannot correctly do its job. Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coast have experts who will demonstrate just how much is enough.

So can Jim’s Pool Pump Repairs on the Gold Coast Tell Me If My Pool Pump Needs Repairing or Replacing?

This is what we’re good at. At Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coast we’ll have an expert visit your swimming pool and spa and recommend the right course of action for your pump:

  • Is it still under warranty?
  • How old is the pump?
  • Are the parts now obsolete?
  • What are the issues it is presenting?

These are the types of questions Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coast will investigate in order to help you decide whether to repair or replace your current pool pump?

Jim’s Pool Pump Repair Service Gold Coast Will Bring You Up to Speed

When considering replacing your pool pump, you need to have the right type of expert advice that Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coast can give you. For example, what speed is best – one, two or variable speed?

One speed. Whilst a one speed pool pump may be the most economical in initial outlay costs, their inefficiency may cost your thousands of dollars more a year to operate, and the noise they give out may sorely interfere with that longed for peaceful days lazing in your pool.

Two speed. A two speed pool pump is a far better option than the one – giving you more efficiency and saving money on energy. Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coat can take you through the pros and cons for two speed pumps.

Variable Speed Pumps. The variable speed pool pump wins hands down. They are up to 90% more efficient than their one speed cousins and are blissfully quiet and last longer. Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coast stocks all of the major brands and can explain everything you need to know when purchasing your new swimming pool and spa pump.

Get all the advice and see a great range of pool pump options when you call in the experts at Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coast.