Pool Cleaning Gold Coast

Pool Cleaning Gold Coast

Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coast – the Easy, Fast Way to Guarantee a Clean Pool Always

Why Hassle Around with Pool Cleaning When Jim’s Pool Cleaning Service Gold Coast Can Take Care of it All for You.

When your pool’s looking a little under the weather, or when you just want to call in the experts, ring Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coast for some of the best cleaning advice and in-home service available on the Gold Coast. Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coast has so much to offer you won’t need to look any further for all of your swimming pool needs from chemicals and filters to fun and leisure pool toys.

Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coast Brings the Shop to You

One of the great things about choosing Jim’s pool cleaning service on the Gold Coast is that every time we come to clean and service your pool, we’re also bringing to your door our mobile pool shop with everything you could possibly want for your pool. Don’t forget to have a browse the next time Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coast visits!

Clean Up the Green So Your Pool Will Gleam.

We can all get a little touch of the greens from time to time, particularly when the sun is relentless and your mind has been busy with other things. But under Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coast we can guarantee that green will never be seen in your swimming pool and spa with our regular pool maintenance service. Jim’s pool cleaning service will service your pump, empty your skimmer basket and maintain your filter. We will electronically test your water onsite and top up your pool with the right balance of chemicals. We will then give you a run down on a little light maintenance until our next visit.

We Can Do One-Off and Casual Maintenance Too

So you’re happy maintaining your pool but cannot cope when it gets an attack of the grunge?Or perhaps you just want Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coast to visit and give your pool a good cleaning service to get it up to standard for that special pool party or just a bit of good old fashioned family pool fun. Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coast is more than happy to help and will offer you some worthwhile advice into the bargain. Any help you need with your pool Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coast will be at your door to assist.

Talk to Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coast About Heating Your Pool

We all know the Gold Coast can get a little cool in the winter months and with a pool heating system in place you can extend your swimming season to year-round enjoyment. Ask the advice of Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coast about the best heating method for the size, design and environment of your pool. We’ll show you some great ideas along with energy saving concepts and tips.

For complete pool care and a great range of everything to do with swimming pools and spas, contact Jim’s Pool Care Gold Coast now.