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Swimming Pool or Spa Problems? Call Jim’s Pool Service Redland City

Jim’s Pool Service Redlands has the Right Advice, Products and Equipment for all Pool and Spa Owners in the Redlands.

Jim’s Pool Care Redlands is local and understands the needs of swimming pool and spa owners in Redland City. From testing your water to repairing your pump to complete green pool recovery, call in the experts at Jim’s pool service and we’ll be there to fix it in no time.

Common Pool Problems Are Fixed Fast with Jim’s Pool Service Redlands

Pool owners know the problems that their pool can throw up at them, especially if you are time poor and your pool maintenance has not been a priority. Jim’s pool care Redlands can help you with:

  • Green pool recovery
  • Pool clean-up: leaves, debris, bugs etc.
  • Stain removal
  • Pool pump repairs, new pool pump sales
  • Filters, chlorinators etc.
  • Onsite water testing
  • Supply and balance of chemicals
  • Heating options for you pool
  • Pool Blankets, rollers and covers
  • Pool toys and leisure accessories.

Jim’s mobile pool shop has it all on board, so call Jim’s Pool Care Redlands and we’ll bring the lot straight to your door.

There’s No Pool We Can’t Clean at Jim’s Pool Service Redlands

At Jim’s Pool Care Redland City we love a challenge. We can recover the greenest pool from green to gleam in a fraction of the time it would take if you attempted it yourself – why bother when the experts at Jim’s Pool Care are right here in Brisbane. Have a look at some of the reasons your pool is turning a brighter shade of green.

  • Algae – these rampant little microbes multiply fast and fill your pool with green sludge. Jim’s Pool Care has the solution.
  • Stagnation – if you’re not running your pump for at least 8 – 10 hours per day, then your water is most likely stagnating and inviting in algae and other contaminants.
  • Faulty Equipment – – if your pumps not doing its job, then once again your water will be stagnating and the mean green can appear.
  • Warmth – when the sun is beating down in Brisbane you really need to protect your pool and keep it clean, algae love warmth and this is the perfect condition for them to thrive. Jim’s Pool Care has some great advice on protecting your pool.
  • Phosphates – now here’s the main food source for algae, living in your pool and you probably didn’t even know it. Call Jim’s Pool Care Redlands to eradicate phosphates.
Jims Pool Care Redlands

Jim’s Pool Service Redlands Knows All About Pool Safety

Regulations differ from state to state in Australia and Jim’s Pool Service Redlands can inspect your pool according to the state regulations and issue you with a pool safety certificate as well as the mandatory CPR sign that needs to be fully visible around your pool. Talk to Redlands Pool Cleaning and we can be there quickly to assess your pool.  Ensure you choose Pool Safety Inspection or note that with the Call Centre Operator.

Redlands Pool Service Areas

• Alexandra Hills
• Birkdale
• Capalaba
• Cleveland
• Mount Cotton
• Ormiston
• Redland Bay
• Sheldon
• Thorneside
• Thornlands
• Victoria Point
• Wellington Point

From service to cleaning to repairing equipment – no matter what you need for your pool, Jim’s Pool Care Redlands has it all ready to go