Redlands City Pool Care

Jim’s Mobile Pool Shop Redlands – Now Shopping for Your Pool is a Cinch

Serious Pool Shopping Made Really Easy with Jim’s Mobile Pool Shop Redlands

No matter where you live in the Redlands, from Redland Bay to Birkdale, Jim’s pool shop Redland City is nearby and will call at your home with everything you could possibly need for your swimming pool and spa. On board we stock the lot – from pumps to filters to heating options; from inflatable toys, to swimming aids to pool safety certificates. Just call Jims pool shop Redlands City and we’ll bring it all to you.

From Pipes to Pumps to Pool Chemicals – It’s All On Board our Redlands Mobile Pool Shop

The really convenient thing about Jim’s mobile pool shop Redlands is how easy we make everything for you – from green pool recovery to one-off pool cleans to supplying absolutely all you need for your swimming pool and spa right from our mobile pool shop every time we visit your home. Have a look at the broad range of products that we stock:

  • All major brand pumps
  • A range of heating options
  • Pool blankets, covers and rollers
  • Pool chemicals and supplies
  • A complete range of Aussie Gold and Swimsafe products
  • A thorough selection of cartridges
  • New pool owner hand over kits
  • Vacuum hoses and spare parts
  • Spanners, airflow taps and other accessories
  • All types of pipes and fittings
  • A huge variety of pump baskets and lids
  • A wide choice of skimmer Baskets
  • Various water testing kits
  • Underwater pool vacuums
  • Automatic, robotic and suction pool cleaners
  • All sorts of inflatable pool toys, games and leisure products
  • Swimming pool Goggles and Caps
  • Swimming and Training Aids
  • Spa accessories and fragrances
  • Underwater pool lighting options

Jim’s Mobile Pool Shop Redlands Plays It Safe in the Pool

Did you know at Jim’s Pool Care Redlands your family and friend’s safety is number one on our agenda. When we come to your home we can inspect your pool according to QLD government regulations and issue you with your pool safety certificate. We also carry on board our pool shop on wheels – CPR signs that must be clearly displayed by law.

Jim’s mobile pool shop Redlands dedication to safety continues with a great range of swimming and training aids to keep them safe in the pool:

  • Float Suits: In pink or blue, these safe suits not only feature padded neck, back and chest to keep their head afloat always – they are also UPF 50+ protection – endorsed by the Cancer Council.
  • Back Floatz: You’re going to love these for the littlies 2 – 6 years old, they really help them gain confidence in the water.
  • Pull Buoy: See how their stroke technique improves with this figure 8 form of soft EVA foam.
  • Aquaboard: Non-slip with bubble grip handles allowing multiple hand positions. Perfect for kicking and general training no matter what age.
  • Swimming goggles and caps: Just ask to see our great range on board Jim’s mobile Pool Shop Albury.